Boquerones fritos

‘Boquerones fritos’ with lemon and the traditional bread that comes for all dishes.

Boquerones fritos are fried anchovies, only salted slightly after cooking. They are common tapas in bars. They fit perfectly to beer or for something a little more fruity try a tinto de verano, traditional sangria, or a rebujito sherry spritzer. They are prepared fresh when you order them. They are quite good in taste. A slight crispy surface and a satisfying content. You take them with your fingers in the tale fin and eat from top down. Some eat the fin also, that’s up to you. Don’t worry about bones, these fish are too small for getting annoying with that.
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Tapas from the supermarket

‘Banderillas’ together with salmon and cheese in dill marinade.

Tapas is so ubiquitous in Spain that you even can by it ready in the supermarkets. It’s a quick way on busy days to get some delicious tapas at home for a spontaneous event. You will not only find the typical jamón, but also other sorts of tapas. If you are a olive fan, you will be in heaven with all the different sorts and brands that exists.

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Welcome to Sentir España!

Welcome to Sentir Espana!

Sentir España means ‘To Sense Spain’. – With this page will we/I try to lead you to the senses of Spain; the atmosphere, the tastes and the more unknown sites. We will from time to time also present Spanish phenomena that isn’t part of the above topics just to bring you closer to the Spanish culture in general. The content will be mixed and written from a personal view.

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